What is the role of a mentor?

The knowledge, advice, and resources a mentor shares depend on the format and goals of a specific mentoring relationship. A mentor may share with a mentee (or protegé) information about his or her own career path, as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling. (washington.edu)

I believe in the power of mentorship. As stated, I want others to succeed. If you are in search for a mentor, I have a few I recommend each specializing in different fields. Though Clarks Consulting focuses on professional development and image consulting, these mentors come from all over and are not connected with our consulting firm.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to speak to anyone. You can contact me on the website or email me at TheClarks.Consulting@gmail.com.


Linda M. Clay

Linda Clay

Linda’s gift is the balancing of business of life and the life of business. She draws upon her past struggles and successes, both personal and professional, in her coaching which helps women like you who want more in life, whether it’s growing an online business or creating a new lifestyle. She uses an integrative approach to life, mindset and business treating each one as a separate unit and then connecting them together.

Over the years in her own personal journey and guiding others, she has found the key to success lies within our relationship to ourselves, the ability to embrace the ‘whole’ self including our strengths, messes, quirks and our own uniqueness. Her work has shown that having a healthy and strong relationship begins at ‘home.’

She is passionate that all women should stand strong in their own right. And believes you can rebuild your own foundation by working on your self-esteem, how you talk to yourself and the personal boundaries you set. But most of all, understanding it doesn’t happen overnight that it is a beautiful journey of self.

Her approach of holistic mentoring through a series of questions and conversations help to ascertain exactly what people want, developing the steps they need to take, then creating and implementing an action plan.

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Simon Alexander Ong

Simon headshot

I believe that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself. Because the more you grow, the more you feel alive. And the world needs more people like this! I transform lives and help people like you achieve crazy BIG goals.

You see…coaching is powerful and impactful.

Magic happens in the realm of deep conversations where just the tiniest shifts in perspective can yield life-changing insights and greater clarity of vision.

Ever since I picked up a 1980s edition copy of Napoleon Hill’s classic Think & Grow Rich as a curious teenager, I’ve always enjoyed learning and exploring about human potential and the habits that drive personal happiness.

I’ve had the pleasure of writing for and being featured in a number of well-known publications, speaking at a variety of events on a number of different personal development topics, and contributing to the lives of others as a mentor and volunteer.

What ‘wows’ me the most however, are the stories I hear from those that I have coached and worked together with. They inspire and show others what is truly possible. It is why I love what I do and believe that the best investment we can make is in our personal growth.

If the desire to be extraordinary and achieve some crazy BIG goals sounds like you, then when you’re ready, drop me a message and let’s have a powerful conversation!

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