What is Image Consulting?

Image consulting is a professional field which aims to improve the image of the client personally or professionally through appearance, behavior and communication.

Clarks Consulting focuses on Image Consulting as part of professional and personal development.

5 areas to target:

  1. Appearance. This isn’t just about wearing the right clothes. Appearance is your overall image. This is how everything comes together to create a look that others see. This is a visual message you are sending out.
  2. Body Language. Another form of sending non-verbal information. By now we are all aware that body language can tell a lot without saying a word. I coach on behaviors that help enhance your presence.
  3. Behavior. How you conduct yourself reflects on your image. Let’s make sure you are aligned with the image you are wanting to project.
  4. Communication. Effective communication is vital. Looking the part can only go so far. This area is where you can really complete the package.
  5. Digital Footprint. Do not neglect your online presence. Be aware of what you are posting because this is what your audience is seeing.

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