Grammatical Mistakes Affect Your Image

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Tyops affect your image more than you may realize. (See that?)

When I am reading a published article meant to educate and I see a misspelled or misused word, it makes me think the author is not suited to write on the given topic. How am I supposed to learn from someone who can’t even spell a word correctly?

In my humble beginnings of written communication, I never once looked over my work. Then I started a new job and was told my emails had errors, sometimes multiple. What? I use spell check so how could there be errors? I am here to tell you there are things spell check won’t catch.

Examples of spell check misses/misused words:

  • A Dress vs Address
  • Affect vs Effect
  • Definitely vs Defiantly
  • Dessert vs Desert
  • Loose vs Lose
  • Stalking vs Talking

Having errors in your work reflects on you and your professionalism. Don’t lose your credibility to something you can easily correct.

I once hit “reply all” to a group of directors at a well-known retail establishment with my thoughts on why I liked a brand and why I thought we should carry more of their pieces. I wrote that I “defiantly” liked them. The general manager came by to tell me later about my word choice. I have many more examples, so if you need more entertainment, feel free to contact me for some cringeworthy stories.


Below are some tips I have found helpful when writing any form of communication.

  1. Read your composition backwards. This forces your brain to focus on each individual word and you are more likely to catch errors.
  2. Have someone else read your work.
  3. Take a break.
  4. Use a hard copy.
  5. Customize your spellchecker.

Take the extra time to carefully read over your material. Show your best work.

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