Welcome to Clarks Consulting.

Clarks Consulting is a consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas that specializes in Professional Development and Image Consulting. Clarks Consulting started because of a passion for supporting women. If you are reading this, you came here with the desire for more.

It’s about you.

Life is about continually evolving. I am here to help you be continually at your best.

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Niki Clark: Founder & Consultant

I have been working since I was 13. You could say I have drive and I absolutely do not like sitting still.

I received my bachelors in Family and Consumer Sciences with a focus on Fashion and a minor in Marketing. I have spent over 15 years in the retail sector which has provided me with ample experience in areas that reach far beyond clothes. Working in retail, you face many situations such as quick decision-making, client service, poise, resiliency, the list goes on. 

Clarks Consulting started after many years of being the go to person for fashion and styling help, motivation, career advice, and more issues that women face both personally and professionally. 

Each of us have phases in our lives that lift us up and some that knock us down. Because I have been there myself, I know what those experiences feel like. My background gives me credibility which I worked hard for am very proud of. Now, I impart these life lessons on to you.

Great things can come when you receive the support and guidance from trusted council. I look forward to speaking with you.